Kate's Home Nursing

Comments Received

This page displays anonymised comments we have received from people who have used Kate's services in the past.

May 2018

I’m not sure it is easily put into words, but suffice to say that as far as we were concerned, the combination of nurses was absolutely invaluable to us as they joined our Family in caring for Pop through his last days in his own home. Their Compassion, Guidance, Support and Professionalism was second to none, and we simply could not have done without them. Neither shall we ever forget the massive confidence they gave us in enabling this to happen, especially as this was all new and sometimes what felt quite scary territory.


To a person…wow what a crew!!!




January 2017

The service couldn't be faulted. We are indebted for the care and compassion shown, the service was outstanding.



January 2017

An amazing service. The level of attention to patient care as well as advice given to me was better than we could have expected....everything was perfect!

November 2016

My husband was adamant that he didn't want to die in hospital, and we shall be eternally grateful that your nurses made this possible. The care was extremely dignified and caring, and communications with district nurses made the care completely come together.

October 2016

An excellent service. From the advice given, we all experienced a very peaceful and serene last few days with our mother.

September 2016

My family and I have nothing but praise for all the nurses you sent, for their sympathectic and professional attitude. When my wife died, the nurse was so helpful, practically and emotionally which was more than one could reasonably expect. I may seem to be singularly uncritical, but my views are based on conviction, not gratitude. Finally a tremendous thankyou to all concerned.  

September 2016

At very short notice, an exceptional quality of nursing care, support and attention were given. 

August 2016

You all helped with the emotional side as well as the care, coming out when district nurses were unavailable, we couldn't have asked for more, just amazing. Thank you.

July 2016

You were all brilliant; my husband was treated with the utmost respect and I couldn't have asked for any more.

June 2016

I can't thank you enough for helping us through Mum's final days; you are all "angels". Thank you so much for what you did, it was exemplary.

May 2016

The understanding, emotional support and advice were priceless; I felt I could ask anything. Thank you Kate's....a small diamond of an organisation, long may you survive and support people through those last precious days of life.

April 2016

The care they received was excellent and at just the right level for their requirements

March 2016

I have very comforting memories of this time and so grateful this organisation was available, to provide a peaceful end to my late family member's illness.

February 2016

I will never forget the kindness and professionalism you gave to both of us, and I literally could not have coped without you all.

January 2016

A big thankyou to all of you lovely people, for making mum's time at home so comfortable.  Thank you for all your kindness and support to us as a family. You do a wonderful job with such dedication. We will miss seeing you all but wish you all success.

December 2015

We will never forget how very good you were...and were so happy to have found you. I don't think we could have coped without you.

December 2015

We are enormously grateful for the care and support provided by the Kate's team. It takes a special kind of person to do the work you do - you are all skilled professionals but incredibly caring and generous with your time.

May 2014

"What words can I say to express my appreciation of your nursing skills and loving care.  Every Kate's Nurse was special, bless you all, it restores one's faith in human nature"

April 2014

Having had first hand experience of your nursing team, I was completely amazed at their capacity not only for the efficient and proactive care they provide but also the personal and respectful way they give it and the support they gave to us all during that difficult time. Without doubt they go above and beyond their remit and I will be forever grateful for the hug that your nurse gave me the morning after all of the driver problems. It still brings tears to my eyes when I remember how gentle and sweet she was and I honestly don’t know how our family would have got through that time without you all. Can you please pass on my sincere thanks? There are just not enough words.

March 2012

Your care and commitment are fantastic

March 2012

Although everyone we met during the difficult final weeks of my father's life were totally professional, it was the people who went beyond this to show kindness and a personal connection who made it all bearable. This was true of each one of the Kate's Team

Quite simply, we could not have managed without you all - and we know that he owes the fulfillment of his wish to die at home, and not in hospital, to your amazing support
All the Kate's nursing team were wonderful - we could not, as a family, have been better cared for
We had expected to receive good practical nursing care from the Kate's nurse, but all the team went way beyond that - they showed genuine care, kindness and empathy